Idaho Cherries
"Taste the Flavor"

Favorite Varieties

Cherries are a good source of potassium.  Increasing evidence shows that a diet rich in potassium may help to control blood pressure and reduce the risk for hypertension and stroke. (Source: Northwest Cherry Growers)
The leading commercial sweet cherry in North America.  Fruit is firm, juciy, and a deep mahogany red when ripe.  Exceptionally large fruit of the finest quality, with an intensely sweet vibrant flavor.
A large, highly crack resistant, mahogany red cherry that is rapidly replacing the late-season variety.  Lapins exhibit excellent firmness and flavor. Lapins create a beautiful display.
Extraordinarily large in size, with excellent firmness and a mild sweet flavor. TietonTM is an early-season mahogany red cherry.  The impressive size, attratively glossy fruit, and thick green stems produce a visually stunning fruit.
Large firm and sweet SkeenaTM continues to grow in popularity.  This dark red to almost black variety has very dense texture. 
A large red cherry has a mild, sweet flavor and outstanding firmness.
A very attractive, exceptionally large, yellow cherry with a bright red blush. Delicately flavored with extraordinary sugar levels.  the flesh is pure yellow, very firm and finely textured. 
Source: Northwest Cherry Growers